1. Google Fonts (fonts.google.com): Google Fonts offers a vast collection of free and open-source fonts that can be used for both personal and commercial projects. The fonts can be easily integrated into websites or downloaded for use in design projects.

2. Font Squirrel (www.fontsquirrel.com): Font Squirrel is a popular resource for free fonts. It offers a wide selection of high-quality fonts that are licensed for commercial use. The website also provides a font generator tool to create web-ready font files.

3. DaFont (www.dafont.com): DaFont is a well-known platform that offers a massive collection of free fonts, including various styles and themes. Fonts on DaFont are available for personal use, and some fonts have licenses for commercial use as well.

4. FontSpace (www.fontspace.com): FontSpace provides a vast library of free fonts contributed by designers from around the world. The fonts are categorized, making it easy to browse and find the desired style for your project.

5. 1001 Fonts (www.1001fonts.com): 1001 Fonts offers a diverse collection of free fonts, including both traditional and unique styles. The website allows you to preview and download fonts for personal and commercial use.

6. Fontfabric (www.fontfabric.com): Fontfabric offers a selection of high-quality free fonts with unique and modern designs. The fonts are available for personal and commercial use, and the website also offers premium fonts for more specific needs.

7. FontStruct (fontstruct.com): FontStruct allows users to create and share their own custom fonts. It provides a simple online font editor that lets you build fonts using geometric shapes. The platform also offers a gallery of user-generated fonts that can be downloaded for free.

8. Adobe Fonts (fonts.adobe.com): Adobe Fonts (previously known as Typekit) offers a vast library of fonts for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers. However, Adobe Fonts also provides a selection of free fonts that can be used by anyone without a subscription.

9. Fontspring (www.fontspring.com): Fontspring offers a mix of both free and premium fonts. Their free font collection includes a variety of styles and licenses, making it easy to find fonts suitable for different projects.

10. Font Bundles (fontbundles.net/free-fonts): Font Bundles provides a section dedicated to free fonts, which includes a curated collection of fonts available for personal and commercial use. The website also offers premium font bundles at discounted prices.

Remember to review the licenses and usage terms for each font before using them in your projects, as some fonts may have specific restrictions or requirements.